Police warn that men posing as utility workers are targeting elderly people for burglaries.

Two crimes against older women have occurred in the past couple weeks in the White Rock area, Neighborhood police officer Mitchell Gaston reports.

“Two distraction type burglary offenses targeting elderly females have taken place in the Northeast Patrol Division. The suspects are posing as different utility company employees,” Gaston notes. “They have been described as two or three Latin males dressed in nondescript white work coveralls with hardhats and carrying walkie-talkies. They have been observed driving an older model white van. The suspects typically knock on the door and ask the victim to come outside to look at a gas or electric meter. When the victim goes with one suspect, the others will enter the house and steal property.”

Gaston adds that legitimate companies or municipal agencies would not approach a homeowner without an appointment. He asks the public’s assistance in informing elderly neighbors or those without internet access of the scam.

If you are approached by someone (or see something) suspicious, call 911.