men's warehouseMen’s Warehouse will move its Medallion store to Caruth Plaza shopping center, with the new shop opening September 1. Grand re-opening festivities will take place shortly thereafter. The change will not affect the Preston Center store.

The national chain, which fired its iconic spokesman, George Zimmer (“You’re going to love the way you look. I guarantee it.”) this summer, also has other Metroplex locations. The men’s clothing retailer features suits, sports coats, slacks and the like (expect a line of Lake Highlands High School Wildcats at tuxedo-renting, dress-up dance time).

The new location is at the northeast corner of Park Lane and 75 and fits between T.J. Maxx and Sherlock’s Pub. (Sherlock’s, you’ll recall, is now infamous as the watering hole where former Texas Ranger Josh Hamilton had an alcohol-fueled relapse.) Worker bees have been buzzing at the new store trying to get it ready for opening day.