They’re our children’s mentors, so we can’t help but admire them. But let’s just say that some neighborhood coaches are easier to admire than others – and we’re not talking about work ethic or team spirit. We asked a number of PTA parents and club sports aficionados to give us their picks of the coaches who catch eyes, turn heads and, let’s be honest, downright distract us from watching our own children. It was difficult to narrow the field (especially with all the drool and lipstick marks smudging the nomination forms), but the effusive responses led us to these neighborhood hotties.


AGE: 31

STATUS: On the market

COACHING GIG: Lake Highlands High School junior varsity boys’ soccer coach

DAY JOB: Photography and art teacher

WHAT WE HEARD ABOUT HIM: “Single, darling, love him.”

REACTION TO BEING NOMINATED: “That’s a weird article.”

HAVE YOU ALWAYS KNOWN YOU WERE A HOTTIE OR IS THIS NEWS TO YOU? “Uhhhh, I don’t know about always. Upper average, maybe.”

ANY INDICATIONS AS SUCH? “At school, just because I’m one of the only young male teachers, so that’s probably most of it right there.”

HAVE YOU EVER RECEIVED CATCALLS? LONGING STARES? “Not that I know of. That would be quite odd. Just hugs from Rita [Greenfield, the high school’s 87-year-old longtime receptionist].”

SO HOW DO YOU KEEP THAT BOD IN SHAPE? “I play in a men’s league and work out, a mix of lifting and running.”

TURN ONS? “I like someone who stays in shape. Mind, body and soul is important.”

TURN OFFS? “No, I’m pretty open.”

BOXERS OR BRIEFS? “Boxer briefs.”


AGE: 26

STATUS: In a serious relationship

COACHING GIG: Lake Highlands Wildcat Youth flag football assistant coach

DAY JOB: Shipping and receiving manager at the Richland College bookstore

WHAT WE HEARD ABOUT HIM: “Brandon is model material.”


HAVE YOU ALWAYS KNOWN YOU WERE A HOTTIE OR IS THIS NEWS TO YOU? “I didn’t really consider myself a hottie, but it’s cool.”

ANY INDICATIONS AS SUCH? “Not really, I’m just one of those people if you think I’m cute, that’s fine.”

SO ANYBODY COMING TO THE GAMES AND WATCHING YOU INSTEAD? “Little kids take all your attention, so you don’t really have time to see who thinks your cute and who’s talking about you. We just joke around – Mike calls himself sexy, I might call myself sexy – we just have fun, that’s all.”

SO HOW DO YOU KEEP THAT BOD IN SHAPE? “I play flag football myself every Sunday in a league in DeSoto – wide receiver and linebacker. It’s very physical because it’s not like the regular flag where you can’t touch anybody.”

TURN ONS? “I like a very funny lady because I’m a very funny person. Myself, I like the sexy, sophisticated look – power suits, almost like a corporate look.”

TURN OFFS? “I don’t like the smokers. Drinking, that’s OK, but you can’t out-drink the sailors. You’ve got to have a loving heart and you’ve got to be very spiritual, and everything else will fall into place. I love you for your inner beauty, outside to your outer beauty.”

BOXERS OR BRIEFS? “Boxers. I need some room to let them breathe a little bit.”


AGE: 41

STATUS: Single dad

COACHING GIG: Lake Highlands Wildcat Youth flag football team; “The 4-, 5- and 6-year-olds – they’re a bunch of little monsters, but they’re my little monsters.”

DAY JOB: UPS truck driver

WHAT WE HEARD ABOUT HIM: “He’s an impressive man who is raising his two sons, neither of whom are on the team. He’s very charismatic and cute, even confident enough to wear culottes, and has jokingly proposed marriage to dozens of women between the ages of 21 and 67 in the past year – all of whom accepted his offer.”

REACTION TO BEING NOMINATED: “Wow. I appreciate that.”

HAVE YOU ALWAYS KNOWN YOU WERE A HOTTIE OR IS THIS NEWS TO YOU? “Well, you know how men are. We always think we’re hot to ourselves, but I never looked at myself as being a neighborhood hottie.”

SO WHAT’S THIS ABOUT PROPOSING TO ALL THESE WOMEN? “(Laughs) What had happened was we had lost to a team called the Rowlett Eagles 35-7, and I was feeling down about it, and one of the moms came up to me and said, ‘You know, Coach Mike, you’re the only coach out here who isn’t married or has a girlfriend.’ It was like, wow, we just got beat 35-7 and now you’re telling me I’m alone?”


HOW DID THAT WORK OUT FOR YOU? “Well, that kind of backfired at me at a football game. All the women had these toy rings, and someone said, ‘All the ladies that Coach Mike has proposed to, would you please stand up?’ So all these ladies stood up, and they threw their rings at me. And then the person said, ‘Well, that’s OK. We found one woman who will take him.’ One of the dads had dressed up like a woman, and he came down and hugged me and gave me a kiss.”

SO HOW DO YOU KEEP THAT BOD IN SHAPE? “I just started back running, plus I try to go to the gym and work out, two days of cardio and three days weights.”

TURN ONS? “I like a woman who’s confident. I love the tomboy look. I love a woman who can put on a pair of jeans and tennis shoes and be sexy, but also put on a dress and pull off that look.”

TURN OFFS? “I don’t like a whiner, and I don’t like a woman who’s not confident in herself. You can’t love anybody else if you don’t love yourself. And they gotta love sports.”

BOXERS OR BRIEFS? “Boxer jockeys.”


AGE: 24

STATUS: Dating

COACHING GIG: Forest Meadow Junior High girls’s soccer

DAY JOB: Language arts teacher

WHAT WE HEARD ABOUT HER: “I would definitely rate Ali as a 10!”

REACTION TO BEING NOMINATED: “I think it’s funny.”

UPPING THE HOTNESS FACTOR: She’s a California girl who loves to surf and body board.

HAVE YOU ALWAYS KNOWN YOU WERE A HOTTIE OR IS THIS NEWS TO YOU? “I don’t know – I guess it’s never been brought to my attention in this way.”

ANY INDICATIONS AS SUCH? “When I was 17, I was asked to do modeling and stuff, but I never really got into it. It wasn’t for me.”

SO HOW DO YOU KEEP THAT BOD IN SHAPE? “I eat healthy, and I work out, whether it’s pilates or kick boxing or just running. I grew up in a really active family, and it just followed me.”

TURN ONS? “Funny, motivated, active and tall – because I’m tall.”

TURN OFFS? “Lying, pretending to be something they’re not and fakeness, which there’s a lot of in Dallas.”



AGE: 27

STATUS: Newlywed

COACHING GIG: P.E. teacher at Merriman Park and assisting with Lake Highlands High School baseball team

WHAT WE HEARD ABOUT HIM: “Our elementary school P.E. teacher is a dreamboat.” And: “The new P.E. coach at Merriman Park has caused quite a few heads to turn this year. Not only does he look like a model, he is a totally sweet and kind teacher.”


DID YOU KNOW THAT PEOPLE SEE YOU AS A HOTTIE? “No, I’m kind of a low key guy, I don’t like to flaunt it.”

ANY INDICATIONS AS SUCH? “I’ve been asked to a couple of PTA meetings, and I have more PTA volunteers that I can handle coming to P.E. events, but I guess that’s the perks of the job. And I think there may be more little girls interested in P.E. than they would otherwise.”

SO HOW DO YOU KEEP THAT BOD IN SHAPE? “Running, and I work out four or five times a week jogging and lifting.”

TURN ONS? “I’ve got to be careful with this one. My wife might read this. I think it’s all about personality and how you carry yourself. Looks are important, but not the No. 1 thing. I’m kind of quiet and reserved, so I like people who are outward and outgoing and not afraid to say what they think. It helps me get out of my shell a little bit.”

TURN OFFS? “Women who are too into themselves to notice what’s going on around them. There’s a lot of that in Dallas.”

BOXER OR BRIEFS? “Boxer briefs.”


AGE: 25

STATUS: Available

COACHING GIG: North Dallas Chamber of Commerce sixth grade baseball team

DAY JOB: Assistant choir director at Forest Meadow Junior High

WHAT WE HEARD ABOUT HIM: “He’s a cute guy, and the kids love his Corvette.” And: “He just loves baseball and is really great with the kids.”


UPPING THE HOTNESS FACTOR: He’s a crooner, and so good that his voice earned him a full ride at Louisiana State University.

HAVE YOU ALWAYS KNOWN YOU WERE A HOTTIE? “No, not so much. I think it’s funny because I’m a normal looking teacher. I’m not a big player. I don’t date a lot of girls. I let some of my friends take care of that.”

ANY INDICATIONS AS SUCH? “I get that from some of my students. I also go to the freshman center and the high school, and it’s mostly there. A group of girls will all say hi at one time or act giggly – just dumb stuff. It’s just funny. They’re not tacky about it.”

SO HOW DO YOU KEEP THAT BOD IN SHAPE? “I work out at a gym usually three days a week. I’m not huge, but I’m not fat. Baseball is the only sport I was ever good at, so I don’t do a whole lot of football or basketball or anything.

TURN ONS? “Being able to enjoy good music – anything that’s not three chords, singing about my car or my dog, something you can actually listen to that took some time to write, so not KISS-FM music all the time.”

TURN OFFS? “Talking too much.”