Mega sports-training facility at Walnut Hill-Central?

We think so — during a photo shoot at Nazca Kitchen last week (an excellent South American restaurant about which you’ll read in our September issue), the restaurant’s owner told us that the 40,000 square-foot space next door (Walnut Hill east of Central — in the former Dave and Busters area) has been leased to D1 sports training and that the company is hard at work constructing a state-of-the-art indoor athletic training facility.

D1 offers programs for adolescents, teens and adults, and physical therapy for athletes.

The Tennessee-based company has large facilities all over the country, mostly in the southwest. I’m waiting to hear back from the D1 folks regarding the timeline and other details.

(This is a budding area on both sides of Central — on the west side, in Preston Hollow Village, Trader Joe’s will open next year).

Screen Shot 2013-08-04 at 9.30.15 PMMathnasium of Lake Highlands

Are your offspring struggling through math? If not, consider them and yourself oh so lucky.

If so, or possibly as a smart preemptive strike, consider Mathnasium of Lake Highlands.

It’s a new math learning center located at 8510 Abrams, conveniently close to our neighborhood Starbucks, Hollywood Nails and a new Subway. Contact them at 214.341.4646 or follow the above link.

Super-sized family-owned music store opens 

At Royal and Central, the Sam Ash Music Store has opened in place of the long-defunct Western Warehouse.

The store is a huge 22,000 square feet complete with a performance space. They’ll offer music lessons and host events, the CEO tells News writer Maria Halkias, who notes that Sam Ash is a family business.

“They answered the phone and my questions without a lot of corporate rigmarole,” she writes on the biz blog.