Lora Welty Carpet BurnLake Highlands’ own Lora Welty is performing at House of Blues Saturday night, singing with her new band Carpet Burn. Their set will be part of HOB’s Summer Splash 2013, featuring a lineup of ten bands performing on HOB’s main stage, Crossroads Voodoo stage and Foundation Room.

Welty, a 40-something mother-of-five and LH community volunteer, sang mostly at church and on occasional girls’ trips when honky tonks would let her onstage. When she decided to take a class at School of Rock (most students there are pimply school kids, but she wasn’t deterred), the adult band invited her to join and a star was born.

Saturday night’s event begins at 5:30 and doors open to the main stage at 7. Carpet Burn goes on at 7:45, or as Welty told friends in an email invitation, “so for those of you, like me, who head to bed at 10 p.m., you could leave after we perform and make it to bed in plenty of time.”

Tickets are available online here, but if you know Laura, try going through her for your ticket. Her band gets credit that way.

Lora WeltyAnd if your teen or young adult kids say they want to go because “everyone in Lake Highlands is going (ugh!),” you should probably believe them. When all five of the Welty kids and their friends go, that pretty much covers everyone.

Here’s the lineup:

Foundation Room

5:30p Rockestra – Electric orchestral rock

10p Punkassmofos – American punk, blues, rock

Crossroads Voodoo Stage

5:30p Sarah Hurst – Local singer/songwriter

8p The Enablers – Popular local cover band

Main Stage

7:15p The Frisky Discos – Loud psychedelic blues, rock

7:45p Carpet Burn – Lora Welty’s band

8:15p Recycled Photographs – Alternative indie rock

8:45p Whiskey Confessions Band – Rock infused country

9:45p Faded Grace – All female heavy metal rock band

10:40p Rhymin’ N Stealin’ – Beastie Boys Tribute Band