Bordeaux of Lake HighlandsI stumbled across the name for our neighborhood’s newest subdivision while on builder Mark Dann’s Highland Classic Homes website. Under “lots for sale,” Dann has a map of how the 37 lots will be platted on the corner of Skillman-Church. He is selling lots 12 (one of the biggest, it seems; click on the image for a larger view), 13 and 14, and they will be completed spring 2014, according to his website.

The name “Bordeaux of Lake Highlands” is an interesting one. Quite different from Merriman Park or Moss Farm or White Rock Valley or even White Rock Place, the new subdivision at Walnut Hill-Audelia.

We haven’t been able to reach Stephen Davis of Masterplan Development, who made the Skillman-Church land purchase, to find out anything more about the project. A quick search shows that Coventry Homes will be another builder in the project, but no other builders turned up in a quick search for “Bordeaux of Lake Highlands” (or “Bordeaux at Lake Highlands,” which is how Coventry has it listed).

When we talked last week to Bill Blaydes, who represented Davis in the sale, he mentioned that one of the project’s builders told him builders already have claimed all 37 of the lots.