The playground at Lake Highlands Elementary

The playground at Lake Highlands Elementary

For many years, the L Streets Neighborhood Association has been a thriving homeowner group, hosting events and keeping residents informed. The area, built in 1954 and served by Lake Highlands Elementary, is bounded by Plano Road, Ferndale, Northwest Highway and McCree.

Over the past year, volunteers spots seemed harder to fill and organizers looked for new ideas. Recently, organizers proposed amending their boundaries to collaborate with their neighbors to the north, and joining with the L Streets North HOA. They’ve scheduled a meeting this Thursday at 6 p.m. at the Nathan Grace offices to discuss the by-laws changes, and they’re hoping to see lots of their neighbors show up and participate.

“This will be an open-call organizational meeting,” Beth Arnold told me. “Anyone who wants to be an officer or has suggestions for block parties or Fourth of July or Halloween events will be welcome. We’ll have a chance to meet everybody, and everyone can sign up to stay looped in.”

Beth, who recently moved from Lydgate, in L Streets, to Livenshire, in L Streets North, says she thinks the change will create a stronger organization.

“We put letters out and we’ve already heard from lots of people who are willing to help. Some want to create a Facebook page, some want to help with crime watch – we have a good mix of people from both sides [of McCree]. Everyone has been very encouraging. “

If you’d like to help, you’re invited to attend Thursday’s meeting – and bring your neighbors.

“It was windy when we were delivering our letters,” Beth said, “and we’re not sure everyone received them.”

If you can’t be there, you can email Beth for more information, or call her at 214-394-0517.