prayer walkJessica Haas believes it’s no coincidence that the Lake Highlands rapist was turned in to CrimeStoppers less than 24 hours after the neighborhood Prayer Walk she organized. On Sunday, March 24th, more than 350 of LH’s faithful took to the streets to pray. It was just days after the 3rd assault, and the police had few leads with a predator on the loose.

The next day, an anonymous tipster called Dallas Police’s tip line with specific info about the creep in question. Our men in blue found the guy, facial scratches still visible, and watched his movements for a few days. Tuesday, Cesar Benitez was pulled over for a traffic violation and, after briefly running from police, he confessed to all three attacks.

“Oh, yes! God is good!” said Jessica after learning of Benitez’ capture. “We believe God heard the prayers of hundreds in our community who believe and were faithful to lift up the name of the One who is able. I have been smiling and almost giddy ever since I heard the news last night, and believe me, the texts were flying back and forth last night at lightning speed when the news broke.”

Also at the prayer walk were Chief Andy Accord of the Northeast Patrol and (bless her heart) the first victim.

“Two of the women on the prayer team leading up the prayer walk know her and were able to pray with her after the walk,” said Jessica, overwhelmed with admiration at her bravery.

At the time of the prayer walk, LH residents – especially women – were feeling terrorized within their own homes. The rapist was brutal, and women were living in fear.

Heather Cole, one of Jessica’s neighbors who helped with organizing the walks, is openly relieved.

“I am so excited today for this man’s capture, his confession, the work of our law enforcement and for God answering our prayers.”