prayer walkTwo Lake Highlands sisters-in-law are taking action after three women in the area were attacked at home. They’re organizing a Prayer Walk for this Sunday, March 24th, and they’re inviting all of LH to “cover the streets in prayer”.

Jessica Stampes Haas, a 1992 LHHS grad married to Jonathan, and Mindee Haas, married to Mark, say gathering friends and neighbors to pray just feels right.

“I felt led to pray after the first attack in February,” Jessica told me. “Eight women met in my house as we lifted up in prayer the first victim, our neighborhood and ourselves. A friend mentioned the idea to walk as we pray, and I knew what needed to happen.”

Mindee agreed and followed Jessica’s lead.

“As a new resident in LH, these crimes are alarming. What drew us here was the community. I feel compelled to do this, too, in my own neighborhood to show unilateral support, love and lift up prayers. Getting together with my neighbors of all faiths to band together is a great way to do it. Personally, it is by showing my faith in God that I won’t be deterred by the horrific acts of a few.”

“What I hope will happen is that this time of need brings our neighborhood together even more and uplifts those directly affected by these cowardly violent acts,” continued Mindee. “Maybe the felons will come forward. Maybe the victims will feel their community behind them and, for one second, feel better. Maybe my children will deepen their own faith. We are a community who cares – that’s why I wanted to live here with my family. I have hope in people – especially those who I’m getting to know as my neighbors and friends.”

At 4 p.m., Jessica’s group will gather at the corner of Church and Ferndale and walk in all directions. Mindee will be at Gunnison and Claybrook. They’re encouraging others to join them or to walk and pray in their own little corner of LH.