Though police have steadily been receiving tips through a hotline, they have not solved the three sexual attacks in Lake Highlands.

Police did report over the weekend that the three cases, two on Ferndale in February and March and one close, on Aldwick, last week, are connected; the DNA in all three cases matches.

Based on three descriptions, police recently released sketches of the suspect in, at least, these three Lake Highlands attacks.

Screen Shot 2013-03-24 at 3.32.08 PM

For keeping-track purposes, here is a spreadsheet containing the description of each of three Lake Highlands attacks.

Looking outside of our own neighborhood, there is a disturbing similarity between these crimes, and crimes we reported in East Dallas in 2010, crimes that also were forensically linked to two 2008 rapes.

Here is a sketch of the suspect in those cases. Note: the victims’ description is in line with the Lake Highlands victims’ descriptions of their attacker:



Police reported that Fernando Munoz was a suspect in those rapes and the first of the recent Lake Highlands attacks. But then they reported DNA cleared him of the Lake Highlands rape.

They did not say if those DNA tests indeed connected him to the above-mentioned East Dallas assaults. The police press notice said only that it cleared Munoz of the Lake Highlands rape. If those tests did not connect him either to those East Dallas attacks, this so-called “Lake Highlands rapist” may have been at this for 5+ years in and around East Dallas/ Lake Highlands. UPDATE: Chief Brown clarified that Munoz indeed has been linked to the above mentioned East Dallas attacks that occurred on Summit, Penrose and Reiger in East Dallas in 2008 and 2010, respectively.

Meanwhile, I also pulled up the sketch of a suspect in bus-stop rapes just north of Lake Highlands near Richland college last summer. He too seems to fit the description of the “Lake Highlands” rapist, though his M.O. is different.

image002 300x225 Police look for Richland College area sexual assailant