Last month, we wrote about neighbors who have tattoos and the reasons behind their body art.

We expected to receive comments from people who felt that writing about tattoos was somehow glorifying the tattoo culture and encouraging neighborhood young people to wander astray.

But the response has been the opposite: Quite a few people have written, called or stopped me to say they liked the story, even though they don’t really care for tattoos in general.

“I’m one of those people who really didn’t understand why anyone would destroy their body with a tattoo,” one woman told me. “I still don’t like tattoos, but after reading your story, I understand a little more about it, and I think I’m the one who needs to change her thinking.”

“So are you ready to sign up for a tattoo?” I asked the woman, who appeared to be about 65 years old.

“Lord, no,” she said, a mischievous smile curling her lip ever so slightly as she contemplated the possibility.

One of our faithful readers (who number near 250,000 montly now, by the way) recently fired me an e-mail about her latest trip to the store.

“My grocery bags are still on the kitchen counter,” she writes, “but I just had to get this out. I am absolutely flabbergasted at something I witnessed.

“As I prepared to pull out of my parking spot, I saw a woman, holding a boy’s hand, pushing her cart toward one of those grocery cart return stations. She suddenly stopped a good 25-30 feet away and just PUSHED THE CART IN THE GENERAL DIRECTION OF THE RETURN STATION. The station was already overflowing, so it’s not like she thought it would go into the cage if it just had enough momentum. There was NO WAY a person could have remotely thought that cart would come to a stop at that return station.

“Instead, it slammed full force into the mid-size SUV parked next to the station (luckily, it had one of those plastic protective panels around the back section, and I didn’t notice any visible damage). I was absolutely incredulous at this woman’s complete disregard for the cars or people around her and her arrogant refusal to be inconvenienced.”

As our reader fumed and tried to decide whether to confront her, the cart offender slipped away, she says.

“I apologize for rambling on, but I just couldn’t believe her GALL!!! I just wanted to share this in the hope that maybe your magazine could mention it somehow…in an editorial, in an article, whatever format…maybe some sort of general reminder to those arrogant few that we share the same space her on the planet, and they should be courteous to other people and their property!

“And the fact she had a child with her – what a wonderful example she must be!

“Ok, I’m finished. Sorry for going on.”