… as a baker. What did you think I was going to say?

Christie McCabe

Lake Highlands resident Christie McCabe already had gained a reputation as a supplier of quality birthday cakes, wedding desserts and decorative sugar cookies when we wrote about her blossoming baking business, Daily Dose of Sweet. Photographer Danny Fulgencio took the assignment and had himself a pinch of fun and a  dash of challenge figuring out how to shoot the young and multitalented McCabe.

To me, it looks as if he and his camera crawled inside her oven, but he explains how that is not the case:

“When I met Christie McCabe she was moonlighting as a baker. By day she taught and herded 4th graders at Spring Creek Elementary in Richardson ISD, but in her spare time she whipped up all manner sweets: cakes, cookies and the like. Her business, Daily Dose of Sweet, had proven so successful that when I showed up to make a portrait she had completely sold out her inventory.

This was problematic.

So why not let the camera stand-in for a sheet of baked goods? I put my camera in the oven and braced it with one of Christie’s squeeze bottles. (Nerd alert: 17mm at f/8 at 1/50 at ISO200.) I fired the camera remotely as Christie reached in, as if about to retrieve some otherworldly sweetness.

With cameras getting more compact each year, why not set the self-timer and place your camera in an unconventional space? You may be surprised by the results.”