Suspect in Boy Scout fraud investigation

Suspect in Boys and Girls Club fraud investigation

Police have received multiple reports of someone posing as a volunteer from “Dallas Boys and Girls Club of Greater Dallas”, according to a report.

The suspect or suspects are black male and wearing a fluorescent vest. (Be aware: the description is strikingly similar to AT&T reps working in the dark, one of whom I almost called the police on last night.)

Boys and Girls club representatives say their volunteers dress like this, but that they never solicit donations door-to-door.

Police recommend that, “If someone comes to your door claiming to represent the organization soliciting funds call 911 to report the activity, DO NOT give any donations. If you are outside your home at or near an event of some sort where donations are being solicited, feel free to call the Boys and Girls Club at 214.821.2950 to confirm their site location before giving any donations.