SAMSUNGThe long awaited beach-themed restaurant from Marc Cassel is open. It’s OPEN!

No, it isn’t in Lake Highlands, exactly, but this burgeoning bubble of gastronomic goodness, at Peavy and Garland roads, is close enough to be a viable oasis in the spotty neighborhood dining desert.

Back in June 2011 Goodfriend’s Matt Tobin told us how excited he was about what in its gestation was dubbed Peavy Road Restaurant and how he expected it to cause a chain reaction (assumably of culinary delights) in the Casa Linda/White Rock area.

The restaurant’s new name is 20 Feet Seafood Joint and they are open today (did I say that already) according to the Urban Daddy newsletter.

Cassel, known for former Dallas hotspots Drangonfly and Green Room, brings oysters, po boys and buttery lobster rolls to the 20 Feet table.

This is gonna be good.