city_hal• The New York Times listed 46 places to visit in 2013, none of which were Dallas. Houston, on the other hand, was No. 7 – because of its museums. Obviously, no one at the Times witnessed the new Perot museum’s full-court media press.

That lack of love bothers Steve Campbell at the Star-Telegram in Fort Worth, who notes that various surveys have found that “the denizens of Dallas-Fort Worth are not particularly attractive, well-dressed or literate.” Plus, we drive badly. It’s a good thing the survey takers didn’t know about the museum gap with Houston; imagine how much trouble we’d be in then.

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• In perhaps the most egregious insult, we’re not even one of the top football-crazed cities in the country according to an analysis on the Atlantic magazine’s Cities website. Adjusting for population, the Dallas area is at the bottom of the list, behind places like Starkville, Miss., Stillwater, Okla., and yes, College Station.