Dallas United Crew has received approval from the Park Board to proceed with its boathouse project.

At least one White Rock Lake area resident, Carol Bell-Walton, expressed disapproval, not at the plan, per say, but at a particular clause that would allow the DUC organization to sell concessions including alcohol at the premises, in the form of a letter to the editor at the Dallas Morning News.

“Alcohol at White Rock Lake Park? Wasn’t this supposed to be about kids rowing? There is no way drinking can do anything but exacerbate the already dangerous (and sometimes deadly) hike, bike and car traffic situation that currently exists on East Lawther Road,” she wrote.

“After the years spent cleaning up the drinking and drug use in the park, alcohol is allowed back into the park because a rowing crew wants to sell booze? What a mixed message for young athletes.”

The boathouse plan still has at least one more major hurdle — approval of the Dallas City Council. We’ll see what kind of traction and/or response we get to this complaint and will continue to follow what happens.