I know the movie Pitch Perfect is kind of a Glee knockoff, and Glee is definitely an acquired taste — one I originally acquired and have since moved on. But Pitch Perfect is one of the rare movies these days that doesn’t have a ton of obscenities or sex talk, it doesn’t have any nudity and no car wrecks, and you can take virtually anyone to the show (kids, parents) and not be embarrassed to be there with them.

It’s the story of a sort-of misfit college freshman reluctant to be in school who would rather be in LA beginning a music career. Her new roommate hates her, she has trouble making friends, and she really isn’t finding much at college she enjoys.

So she’s coerced into joining one of the college’s a capella groups, winds up liking it, and off the story goes. The cast is comprised of the usual college characters — bitchy blonde, annoying male singer, a few more misfits, and an overweight student who calls herself “Fat Amy” to beat others to the punch — but with a couple of typical exceptions, it’s a generally fun group that works toward building everyone’s self-esteem.

The lead characters are Anna Kendrick (she was a junior executive with George Clooney in Up In The Air), Brittany Snow and Rebel Wilson, with a recurring cameo by Elizabeth Banks.

There’s a lot of singing, some dancing, and it’s a generally interesting story. The theater was absolutely jammed when we saw the show on a Saturday afternoon, and the variety of people there seemed to enjoy it. It’s not the kind of movie that requires a lot of thinking or emotional investment; it’s just a good time with some decent music spanning a bunch of years.