Someone is preparing to open the defunct Bicycle Cafe.

We heard a rumor that the owners of the Katy Trail Ice House were purchasing the old bike cafe and opening something more similar to the trendy SMU-area Ice House in its place. Of course, I couldn’t exactly report that with much confidence, but it seemed likely that there could be something to this.

Today I stopped by the location, at Northwest Highway and Lawther, and saw the food establishment permit and liquor license application notices.

The documents listed the name of the business as Lake House Libations.

*Update: General Manager of the Katy Trail Ice House, Jimmy Fell says that, as far as he knows, there is no plan for the Katy Trail Ice House owners to take over this place, so we will keep you posted on any new news.*

Ice House. Lake House. One of the Ice House owners also own the Barley House. I see a pattern here. Well, it was a good guess, anyway.

As of now, all I can say for sure is that someone has applied for a license to sell booze and run a restaurant at the address, and that the name of the business is Lake House.

I have a call and an email inquiry in to one of the Katy Trail owners as well as to the liquor license applicant, and I will update this as soon as we learn something more.