The Victim: Dale Williams
The Crime: Theft
Date: Wednesday, July 4
Time: Between 1 and 4 p.m.
Location: 10600 block of Longmeadow

The thief cruised off with the jet skis.

It was quite a depressing Independence Day for Dale Williams and his family. The Williamses usually enjoy racing across the water their pair of jet-skis. With July 4 landing in the middle of the week this year, Williams had been repairing them and planning on heading back to the water that weekend — zipping across while pulling tubers and skiers. The activities make for a fun family day to beat the heat of the Texas summer. He usually keeps the jet-skis near the Brazos River above Lake Grandbury. Because of the repairs, however, they were sitting on a trailer in his driveway.

“All the neighbors were gone for July 4,” he says of the jet-skis and trailer theft, which took place in the middle of the afternoon at their L Streets neighborhood home. “No one saw anything. We have a pretty safe neighborhood, but unfortunately, some people do come through here and steal stuff.”

Not only did the theft ruin their Fourth of July, it sunk their weekend of fun on the lake.

Dallas Police Sgt. Keitric Jones of the Northeast Patrol Division says because all vehicles have a Vehicle Identification Number, trailers can possibly be recovered, even much later, if the trailer is ever resold or pawned. He also says thieves will use holidays as a way to take advantage of homeowners not being at home.

“Thieves always look for signs that owners are not home, as most of them want to avoid confrontation. Therefore, homeowners should make sure to follow basic crime prevention tips in order to prevent the appearance that they are not home.”

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