It would appear those dang cat burglars are still at it. Thanks to a commenter for alerting us to this police report concerning a burglary last Saturday in the 10000 block of Kirkhaven, right by Wallace Elementary.

Suspects reportedly entered the home, while the homeowners slept, by breaking a rear door of the residence. The door and doorframe were damaged. This varies from other reports of cat burglaries (which police have said might be related), most of which indicate the burglars finding unlocked doors or windows. The suspect (s) entered the kitchen, took a purse and a laptop among other things, all while the victim slept.

Remember to keep those locks on doors and windows secure, or as another commenter put so eloquently, “if u got anything worth value or KIDS u dont leave nuthin unlocked!!!!”

Well said, KristinaPerez2008.