If you’re hankering for some high school football, this is the week to secure your Wildcat season tickets. Your little ones are only toddlers, you say? Maybe you’ll just purchase general admission tickets until they hit the hallowed halls of LHHS? Heresy!

Here’s how it works.

Season tickets are a bargain at $7 each ($35 per seat for a five-game season), a dollar less than you’d pay for a seat in the coveted reserved section at the walkup window on game day (assuming they aren’t sold out). Plus, you avoid the lines, enjoy great seats and get to know the folks sitting around you.

Next year and every year after that, you’ll improve your lie by going in to the school’s auditorium foyer and moving (if you wish) to newly opened seats with a better view. By the time your little precious is the star quarterback or the drill team captain or the drum major, you’ll be sittin’ in the cat-bird seat (if you didn’t have a Tennessee granny, that’s a good thing).

This week’s schedule (all events from 8am to 1pm):

Tuesday, season ticket holders who did not renew by mail may do so in person. Wednesday is their day to exchange tickets for ones they like better. Thursday and Friday tickets are available for new ticket holders. You’ll select your seats from an oversized map. (Go Thursday if you can, last year tickets were gone by Friday.)

If you have any questions, you may email LH mom Leigh Ann Brown here or call her at 214-394-6835. The home opener is against Plano West on September 7th (the schedule’s here). Go Cats!