Carissa Byers

Inside the nondescript Japanese grocery store is a counter deli offering fresh tuna, whitefish and yellowtail sashimi; sushi rolls from eel to California; udon noodles; teriyaki bowls and even sea urchin soup (an acquired taste). And that’s just the beginning. Kazy’s Gourmet Shop is a gem in the rough at the corner of Marksville and the LBJ service road. The business places its emphasis on the wholesale side, distributing fresh fish to many of Dallas’ finer sushi establishments, but the takeout area is getting a makeover, staffers tell us, and there is plenty of space to dine in. While you wait on your order, check out the rows of glassware and colorful Asian candies.


9256 Markville at LBJ


Ambiance: Cafeteria-meets-convenience-store

 Price range:$7-$12

Tip:Look for the staircase that leads to the second-floor seating area

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