It was reported last night by several stations that the Chihuly glass sculpture exhibit sustained damage in last night’s violent hail storm, which hit the White Rock area as hard as any other at least.

Reportedly only one section of the exhibit, the Persian Pond, sustained glass breakage. During press conferences and interviews leading up to the exhibit, Chihuly and arboretum spokespeople were asked about Texas’ potentially harsh weather and if that was a concern. Here’s how they responded:

“Chihuly exhibitions have been up during all sorts of weather conditions throughout the years in various parts of the country.  Over the years, the exhibits have faced everything from heavy rains to wind, hail, snow and even a hurricane. While the artwork is well secured during installation and quite sturdy, it is glass and can break with a good amount of force. Should any damage from inclement weather occur, the studio will immediately work with the arboretum to replace any damaged artwork.”

And they have. Workers were shown on WFAA (screen shot above) directly following the storm putting the pieces back together.