Some moms might be a little nervous having one quarterback son go head-to-head against the other in the annual spring football scrimmage, but Lake Highlands mom Lauren Jones was taking it all in stride at Saturday’s Red White Game.

Trent, a rising senior, played for the red team and Brock, a rising sophomore, played wearing white.

Like Peyton and Eli, the boys admit to being uber-competitive and say playing on opposing teams was fun.

“I think it made both of us play better,” said Trent, who’ll be the varsity starter next year. Surprisingly, Trent says he enjoys fall Thursday evenings almost as much as game nights. “Thursday is the night before the game and I can prepare myself mentally,” he told me. “Friday night is the big event and I love showing the fans what our team has been practicing for all week.”

Pushed to the hottest part of the day to accommodate the kids taking the SAT test Saturday morning, the game – as much as any graduation ceremony – marked the end of the year for senior athletes, cheerleaders, Dettes, Bell Boys and marching band members, and celebrated the start of senior year for a whole new class.

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