My favorite thing about attending the annual Lake Highlands Exchange Club scholarship awards breakfast is hearing about the diversity of the student recipients. Not just the racial, ethnic and socio-economic diversity, though there is that, but some students are chosen because of grades and leadership, some for service and volunteer work, some for maintaining decent GPAs while supporting their families with afterschool jobs, and some for overcoming overwhelming obstacles. By awarding $118,500 to 49 kids, the Exchange Club is helping a wide variety of kids fulfill the American dream, even if several of them were brought here by parents or grandparents who struggled to get here from countries far from American shores.

You can see my photo slideshow here.

“One of the funnest things to do is interview these students,” said David Brown of the scholarship committee. “They’re our future teachers, firefighters, bankers and leaders. Parents, I’d like to congratulate you on a job well done. Teachers, we heard how you motivated and inspired them. Students, we hope you’ll return to Lake Highlands to make it your home.”

“We take our investment in these students very seriously,” added Cheri Luck. “These kids have committed to abstain from drugs and alcohol,” referring to the pledge that some of the scholarships require, “and they’ve earned our admiration for it. Each of them is very deserving of the praise and honor we have for them today.”

The recipients and their colleges are listed below. Congratulations all!

The Luck Family Foundation and David Tice Scholarships

Rodrigo Blas, Stephen F. Austin

Yordi Calix, UT-Arlington or SFA

Marilyn Domingues, University of North Texas

Stephanie Eyocko, Oklahoma University

James Iheke, Texas A&M University

Jordan Inman, TAMU

Asher Odom, University of Arkansas

Sarah Penny, University of Texas

Anna Sorensen, Texas Tech

Brianna Sutton, SFA

Exchange Club Academic Scholarships

Sarah Blettner, Southern Methodist University

Ashley Brandish, UT

Brinkley Field, UT
Jake Gaba, Dartmouth

Megan Garcia, Notre Dame

Megan Jodie, UT

Erin Larson, UT

Will Moomaw, TAMU

Abigail Nagle, University of California at Berkley

Sarah Norris, TAMU

Herb and Frances Walne Memorial Scholarship

Mesha Muse, UTA

Exchange Club Special Endowment Scholarships

Katherine Dodgen, Oklahoma Baptist University

Yonas Michael, TAMU

Hannah Pittman, Baylor University

Exchange Club Board of Directors’ Scholarships

Sarah Casburn, Texas Tech

Julia Dankberg, New York University

Sarah Dossou, Texas Women’s University

Lee Lueder, UT

Paige Moudy, UT

Sarah Penny, UT

Collin Plotts, Baylor

Nathan Schulman, Texas State

Peyton Slater, UT-Permian Basin

Bubba Smitham, UT

Jason Oglesby Memorial Scholarships

Luis DeLeon, TAMU-Commerce

Niani McDaniels, TAMU-Commerce

Carla Saucedo, Texas Tech

Data Jo Potts Memorial Scholarships

Brooke Morgan, University of Arkansas

Juan Sanchez, UNT

Janie Tekell, TAMU

Pelumi Wemida, University of Houston

Mitch Winkler, OU

Yoel Zehaie, UTA

The Melinda Ann Lee Memorial Scholarships

Kathryn Spurgin, Texas Tech

The Bob Potts Family Working Student Awards

Jamie Carson, Oklahoma State University

Isabel Dominguez, TWU

London Dority, TAMU

Ke’Shareon Ford, UNT

Jonathan Iheke, Texas State

Jeff Kane Memorial Scholarship

Max Aman, Texas State