The Victim: Kaye Partridge
The Crime: Burglary
Date: Tuesday, March 20
Time: Between 11 p.m. and 5:30 a.m.
Location: 10300 block of Ferndale

A cat burglar pounced.

Just the thought of the crime creeps out Kaye Partridge. While she and her family slept in their Lake Highlands Estates home, a burglar entered their back door, which she says had been a bit faulty and tough to close. Sometime that night a burglar grabbed her keys off an end table, entered the garage and stole her purse from the car.

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Strangely, Partridge found lights on in the living room and garage the next morning, and the door to the garage was open. Also strange, she says the burglar left behind more expensive electronics in the house that were right in the vicinity of the keys.

“The police said this was a very rare case of a cat burglar,” she says. “These people just like the thrill of you knowing that you know they’ve been in your house.”

She believes that is why the burglar left the lights on and took only her purse. Police at the scene told her they have worked cases where this type of criminal has actually awoken homeowners intentionally just so they would know he was there, and then escaped without being caught. She says there have been other burglaries in the area recently.

Partridge says the family plans on being much more diligent and has already fixed the back door.

Sr. Cpl. Anthony Allen of the Northeast Patrol Division says these types of cases are unusual, but it is possible the burglar thought no one was home — or was just bold.

“In security prevention of the home, it is very important to bring all belongings, including your purse, inside the home,” Allen says. “Even though a garage is attached to the home and supposedly secure, in today’s age of technology, garage door openers use radio signals and can be manipulated.”


Crime numbers

Age of Jonathan Ramsey, a Lake Highlands child who police believe was starved to death by his father and stepmother; they admitted to the crime, saying they dumped his body in Ennis

Block of Clearwater Drive where the family lived and where Ramsey was locked in a room without foo

Date when Ramsey’s grandfather reported him missing; at press time, authorities had not located the body

Source: Media reports