Tackling city-related maintenance issues in our neighborhoods

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Repairing brick walls

You see them all over Lake Highlands — once pristine brick walls turned into rubble by crashing cars. The city maintenance crews usually will come to clear out the debris, leaving a gaping hole between noisy, arterial streets and quiet, residential neighborhoods.

Q: How can we get the city to repair our brick walls?
A: The city won’t. It’s the homeowners’ responsibility.

These walls sit on private property behind residential homes. If the city opened up funding for the repairs, it would have to do so in any other similar situation that occurs on private property. City officials just aren’t willing to risk it. Homeowners must fix the walls themselves, which is easier said than done, considering that most associations are voluntary. The repair can cost several thousand dollars, and with about 20-30 percent homeowner participation, it’s hard to raise that kind of money. A less expensive option is to replace the brick with wrought-iron posts and shrubbery.