Police are still looking for the remains of 11-year-old Jonathan Ramsey, whom they believe was starved to death by his father and stepmother, according to reports. According to a police report, the boy’s grandfather on his father’s side reported him missing March 30. That came after a year’s worth of attempts to see his grandson.

But a local news station is reporting that the parents of Elizabeth Ramsey, Jonathan’s stepmother, lived across the street from the Ramsey’s in their Lake Highlands area neighborhood. The same station is reporting that another adult lived in the Ramsey’s home while the child was locked in a room and starving to death. That indicates that multiple people other than the accused couple might have known what was happening to Jonathan, or at least they might have suspected that something was amiss.

If other adults in fact knew what was going on and did nothing, they could be subject to arrest under Texas law that mandates reporting suspected child abuse. Former Dallas County prosecutor Brian Corrigan told reporters that it is more likely that any potential witnesses would be used in the prosecution of the Ramsey couple rather than being prosecuted themselves.

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