Carol Toler gave us her take on the neighborhood sports bar right after it opened in November, and I recently visited Liquid Zoo with some friends on a Sunday night to watch college basketball. We wanted to eat rather than simply drink, and the two people working that night were a bit flummoxed by a group of nine who all came to a sports bar wanting food. Even though there were only six or so other people there, it took about 45 minutes to get our food, but we weren’t complaining as our waiter (one of the two people working) did double duty as a server and cook to get our meals to us as fast as possible.

The most popular orders were the burgers and hot dogs. The men in our group are frequent burger eaters, and seemed pleased with how theirs were cooked. The hot dog was sliced in half before being grilled, and much more tasty than most restaurant hot dogs I’ve tried.

Like Carol, my experience was this is a great place to grab a burger and watch the game. Trying to eat healthy was a challenge — the health nut in our group ordered the “bunless chicken sandwich.” It was grilled chicken, tomato, lettuce, and that was pretty much it. The chicken was good, she said, but couldn’t figure out why it cost $8.60, which was one of the highest prices on the menu. We also were told by our waiter that the fried bologna sandwich is popular; no one tried it, but I think I would on a return visit.