Captions are as told to Keri Mitchell by Sally Rodriguez, Dallas Park and Recreation Department’s historian. All photos are courtesy of the Dallas Municipal Archives and curated by Rodriguez. She authored the book “White Rock Lake,” available at area bookstores and through

Looking south, you can see Dixon Branch on the left and Plano Road. You notice there are no homes, and the property is just not really very pretty.


You see the homes have begun popping up. Actually, I grew up in the house that’s just out of the picture. You see the brand new swimming pool, the tennis courts, the parking lot. There’s Northwest Highway and Plano Road.


You see the grass has grown in, and the church now, instead of being this little building, they’ve added on. See the trees that have come up where that was all just nothing? And now you’ve got a well-defined park and a picnic pavilion. And lots of houses.