Police have arrested a teenager in the vehicular death of Lake Highlands High School student Riley Rawlins.

We told you several weeks ago about 17-year-old Rawlins and his family and friends’ frustrations that the no one was being held accountable for his senseless death.

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Yesterday I spoke with Lt. Scott Bratcher in the traffic division at the Dallas Police Department. He said they were very close to making an arrest and, sure enough, police today arrested 18-year-old Soraya Villanueva. They charged her with criminally negligent homicide and are holding her on $125,000 bond.

Bratcher said yesterday that the arrest took so long because they wanted to make sure the proper charges were filed and that everything was in order to do so. That’s good, because no one wants this young woman, who admitted to flying through a yellow light at twice the posted speed limit and driving without a license or insurance, to get off on some technicality.