A few weeks ago we told you about a police officer who allegedly was the victim of an attempted carjacking at the Forest-Audelia intersection, during which she lost her gun.

Readers (as did we) noted the whole story was a little wonky.  Police weren’t talking because an investigation was underway, but it turns out said officer, 36-year-old Stormy Mageria, was placed on administrative leave, as police reportedly suspected she filed a false statement.

Earlier this week, Mageria ran into more trouble. According to reports yesterday, she was arrested in Garland on a family violence assault charge and her bond was set at $1500.

A little more background on Sgt. Mageria — and I don’t know what any of this has to do with the carjacking thing, to tell you the truth, but it is fascinating nonetheless — she filed a sexual harassment complaint and a discrimination lawsuit against the city in 2005, five years after she joined the DPD.

Based on this court document, she filed the charge after a fellow officer called her “Darling” and “touched her arm.” Once she filed the suit, she claimed, she was shunned at work and denied certain assignments with the department.