Artist in residence: Singer Lyndsey Jones

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“I want to make it big,” says Lyndsey Jones with a laugh. The question, “What are your hopes for the future?” was admittedly a silly one. The 21-year-old White Rock area resident has remained, since early childhood, unfalteringly on-track in her quest. She’s been playing the piano competitively since age 5 and, as an adolescent, started voice training. She sang in the high school pop choir, and kept practicing and studying music throughout her college years. These days, local nightspots love her Stevie Nicks-meets-Norah Jones presence so much that she has ongoing gigs at Terilli’s on Greenville and The Library at the Warwick Melrose Hotel (as well as one at a venue in Plano). “I’m booked about 5-6 nights a week right now,” she says. She spends her daylight hours working at Z Gallerie, a hip north Dallas furniture store, and says that she loves interior design and concedes that design could be part of her future plans. For now, however, “music is my life,” she stresses. Her current album, “What a Day,” consists of jazzy covers from Alicia Keys, Van Morrison and Sara Bareilles, plus an original — the title track. She’s working on a second album that will showcase her songwriting talents. Her mom and dad, Jeffery and Crysta Jones, live in Lake Highlands with Jones’s siblings Adam, Rachel and Nick, who is in the Espree pop choir at LHHS.

Catch Jones Mondays and Thursdays at Terilli’s or Tuesdays at the Library Bar.

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