Is this the most haunted house in Dallas? In October, the Advocate ran stories about haunted spots in our neighborhood — in case you didn’t know, the White Rock area is ripe for Halloween hauntings.

UPDATE: We dug up an old news story about this house’s violent history. Find that here. 

A few days ago (too late for print) we received word from a Lake Highlands guy, Brian Hart, who spent some of his youth in house with, to say the very least, some decidedly creepy vibes.

The place is near Flag Pole Hill on Blackbird Lane. According to Hart, his family bought the house in 1975. It wasn’t until they had lived there a while that neighbors told them about the home’s violent history.

“Supposedly shortly after completing the house, the builder hung himself from the inside balcony. I believe this was supposed to have happened in 1962 or 63,” Hart tells us.

He never saw a ghost, but says the house did seem to possess a certain eeriness.

“I never had any actual experiences of the paranormal nature and neither had any of my family concerning this house but everybody will admit to a weird feeling that was always there.”

While the Hart family sidestepped any potential evil, the next owner might have succumbed.

According to Hart, his family sold the house in 1982 to a man who was later convicted of murdering two people, “a Playboy bunny and her boyfriend.”

Coincidence? Maybe. Maybe not.

I’m searching for some sort of record of those murders — until I find that, I will not use the guy’s name.

Hart has heard many rumors about his old house.

“I think this house is on record as being Dallas’ most haunted house,” he says, adding that he really can’t say for sure since he hasn’t been there since 1982.