What’s been your favorite LLHHS sports memory this season? Share it in the comments section below.

Even if you don’t have kids in high school, even if you don’t like football, even if you aren’t from Texas, go see Lake Highlands High vs. Richardson High at Eagle-Mustang Stadium on Nov. 4.

Top 10 reasons, counting down:

10. Fun — for all ages! How often do you see all generations together? Even at church we’re sorted by age groups. We choose different movies and TV shows. Our schedules always seem to conflict. But on Nov. 4, no matter what your age, kick off happens at 7 p.m.

9. Fun — minus the heartbreak! If you graduated from high school at least five years ago, you will be immune to the emotional drama. The heartbreakers are there, but they are not your problem. You will spot them, if you’re any kind of people-watcher. (OK, some people watch the game, but that is only one of the rings at this circus.) Because …

8. High school kids are really cute. They were invented to look good in uniforms (or is it the other way around?) They do things their parents can no longer do, and frankly, don’t want to do. They run, they slam, they leap, they fly in the air — and that is only the cheerleaders. They hit the ground in splits (the drill team, and sometimes the football players!) The band kids have practiced their instruments for months now. But you? Just relax and enjoy the show.

7. November weather. Here in Dallas, we get only a few opportunities to wear our sweaters and jackets, especially the red and white ones (Lake Highlands colors). Be advised, if you wear purple, you will be officially rooting for Richardson.

6. Cross-town togetherness. On Nov. 4, not only will you see Lake Highlands families, but also lots of magnet students from Lake Highlands who attend RHS (including my son, currently in his second year with the Golden Eagle Band. Yes, I get to wear purple.) Last game of season plus lots of local kids on field equals lots of people you already know, and others who are your neighbors.

5. Food, before and during the game. On your way to RHS you can visit some of the Richardson joints, or better yet, arrive at the school a little early for the tailgate fundraiser. Also, November is hot chocolate season. Of course, hot chocolate is always appropriate on its own, but connoisseurs often pair it with stadium food such as popcorn or nachos.

4. Food, after the game, because your last bite was hours ago. You can share a basket of shrimp at Big Shucks — conveniently close to RHS at Coit and Belt Line — or sample the fare at the newest In-n-Out at Coit and 635, which will be on the way as you return to Lake Highlands. (You’re curious, right?)

3. Excellent value. The most expensive ticket costs $8. You can hardly find a movie for that price, especially on a Friday night. At the football game, literally hundreds of people will entertain you live.

2. The bands. Lake Highlands will perform first, and Richardson second. Besides seeing their competition marching shows (which are great), don’t you wonder what organized noise, in any culture, could possibly be more thrilling than a marching cadence played by drums alone? None, I imagine, since people throughout history have been known to march straight into battle following drums.

1. Heart and soul. No matter who wins, at the end of the game the opposing teams shake hands, both sides having given their best effort. They stand and face their bands, and sing their alma maters. Without their helmets, they look vulnerable, emotional and lovable. They look like kids.

At this writing, although Lake Highlands ranks higher in the state, the teams are evenly matched in wins and losses. Last year, LH won at home. Can they do it in Richardson?

I hope you read this before Nov. 4, but if you miss the LHHS vs. RHS match this year, I’ll see you next year. I’ll be following the band.