Next Sunday, Oct. 23, the 2011 State Fair of Texas will wind down for the 125th time. The deep fryers will cease to bubble, and the music will undoubtedly fade. If you plan to visit before the cotton candy dust settles over Fair Park, here’s a couple of places you can find exhibitors from our neighborhood:

Lake Highlands entrepreneur and pet lover Linda Smith’s Fur-Ever My Friend exhibit is in the Craft Pavilion. The online store is mainly pet memorials, but the fair exhibit also has plenty of gifts for those with well-loved, four-legged friends — pens, sleep shirts and bumper stickers included.

Metroplex Piano Warehouse, which is located at LBJ & Greenville, is exhibiting pianos in Grand Place. The store carries the brands Kawai, Pramberger, Kohler & Campbell, Seiler, Bechstein, Casio, PianoDisc and Samick Digital — both digital and player pianos., 972.388.1130