Goodfriend, the artisan beer garden at Peavy and Garland Road near Good 2 Go Taco, is finally open. I haven’t been there yet, but here are a few things Goodfriend Facebook fans are saying:

Stopped by for a quick beer. The turnout looked great. Can’t wait to spend more time there and sample the food. 3 taps were already out when I arrived. That’s a great sign. So glad you guys are open. Great job. —Michael Mosteller 

Great inaugural eve! Boulevard and Rogue taps were first rate. And service was flawless, which is great on your very first evening. Thanks and welcome to the hood. —Bill Holston

*gasp!* the Pepper Bomb… Why didn’t you warn me!? Just kidding, I love so-hot-it-hurts. Great opening night. —Drew Anderson 

We had a great time at Goodfriend tonight. The “fungus among us” burger is incredible. Great seeing friends and neighbors there too. This place rules. —Gary McDonnell

Some of our Back Talk readers have commented that the beer is too expensive:

Way overpriced. Cool place. But someone is trying to charge uptown beer prices for a neighborhood bar. —Guff

Check it out and let us know what you think.