NETWORK is looking to earn a $10,000 grant for their Big Meals for Little Kids program, but they need Lake Highlands to log on and vote if they have a chance of winning the money from Albertson’s Community Partners program.

NETWORK, formerly Network of Community Ministries, provides healthcare, meals and other acute care needs for children, families and the elderly. They’re based in Richardson and serve 14 zip codes in Dallas County, but 70% of the folks they help live right here in LH. Since they began 24 years ago, they’ve reached 125,000 people.

To vote for NETWORK, just click on this link and enter your email address. The first time you vote, you’ll go through a brief email verification process. Then, enter charity code #0027 and click go. When you see “NETWORK” on the screen, click on “vote” and you’re done. You can vote up to 5 times per day through Saturday, Oct. 15.

Somewhere in Lake Highlands, a hungry child thanks you. And if you’d rather make a donation to NETWORK directly, you can visit their website here to make a donation of $15 or the amount of your choosing.