Three Lake Highlands men have issued a call for fellow bikers to join them as they hop on their motorcycles and head out on the highway. Steve Stutsman, David Solomon and Jim Chapman say they are casting a net for other LH folks interested in joining them for riding and fellowship, whether they just started riding or are seasoned veterans with many miles under their belt.

“We think little day trips are great,” say the men, who’re ready to try something new now that their kids are grown and their careers are long-established. “Weekend breakfast or lunch runs to various local establishments seem like lots of fun. Of course, we would also consider some longer trips with overnight stays a couple of times a year.”

Fellow bikers are welcome regardless of skill level, they say, or even if you are in the process of considering a bike to purchase or resuming motorcycling after many years. You can email the guys by clicking on their name above if you, like they, “see highways and country roads as adventures just waiting to happen.” And here’s a little Steppenwolf to put you in the mood.