While waiting on more word from the Lake Highlands Town Center front, here’s some details about a cafe opening just east of White Rock Lake.

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Alligator Cafe chef Ivan Pugh says his second location at Casa Linda will open in November — “before then if possible and hopefully not later,” he writes in an email.

When we first wrote about the opening of the new Alligator Cafe a couple months ago, one Back Talk reader voiced concern that if the cafe expands, the quality and service might suffer (note: due to a shift in blog providers, said comments might not currently appear on our site), “because the owner won’t be in the kitchen (at one of the 2 locations) cooking/overseeing the quality of food and service”.

A few other commenters argued the theory and Chef himself responded with the following:

One quality of a good chef is the ability to train his staff. If after seven years I still had to work the line then I would not be very good in my opinion. When I’m not catering for hundreds of people, answering blogs, doing payroll, designing a new restaurant. I still go into my kitchen everyday and make my spices, sauces, and specials. On top of that I ensure that my staff is doing the best job they can and that they are adhering to recipes, health standards, product rotation, cleanliness, and good service. For this Kane guy to tell you not to come means that he has never had a business, because that’s an awful thing to say. I respect and appreciate every entrepreneur from the guy selling cotton candy out of a little two wheel cart to the guy who built an empire. Because you have to start somewhere. I think after almost eight years I earned the right to move up in the world and I am more then capable of not only maintaining my standards but improving on them. This next restaurant will have the great food but we’re adding more music, service, drinks, and atmosphere. And I will see you at Casa Linda, Live Oak, or one of the many events I cater for. Thanks for the support. My staff and I appreciate serving you everyday and for years to come. Peace and Alligators!! —Ivan Pugh

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