The Victim: Ben Williams
The Crime: Theft
Date: Monday, July 25
Time: Between 10 p.m. and 10 a.m.
Location: 9100 block of Longmont

Ben Williams shows his pride in both his country and his military service by flying flags in his front yard — an American flag and the U.S. Marine Corps flag. Williams served six years in the Marines and fought in Vietnam for 13 months.

“I’ve been flying these flags for 18 years, even before 9/11,” he says.

Recently, someone chose to remove the flags — not an easy thing to do considering there were locks in place to keep them from being lowered.

“It definitely is an invasion. It’s just the audacity of it that angers me,” he says. “I don’t have any idea why someone would do this. It’s beyond comprehension.”

The very idea someone would do such a thing is upsetting to this veteran and proud American. Also upsetting was the remains left of Old Glory.

“They had to take three locks off,” Williams says. “They tore half of the American flag and left half of it torn. They didn’t have to desecrate the American flag. The Marine flag was completely gone. That leads me to believe it was somebody who hates the military or government or something.”

Williams was so angry he considered putting up wanted posters and offering a small reward. Nevertheless, the cost of the flags was not too much, and he replaced them after a couple days. Drive by his home now, and find both red, white and blue and the U.S. Marine Corps red and gold waving in the wind again.

Dallas Police Sr. Cpl. Geoff Pettay of the Northeast Patrol Division says the case was probably the work of juveniles simply out to vandalize property.

“This particular offense has happened before [in our division], but not very often,” he says. “The suspects in this offense seem to be juveniles, in my opinion. They were unable to get the USA flag off the pole is what gives me that idea. They may have just thought the flags looked ‘cool.’ Or they were showing off for friends — who really knows in this case? Normally thefts are committed for money.”



vehicle burglaries in the residential streets surrounding Abrams and Royal


aggravated assaults along LBJ Freeway between Greenville and Skillman


robberies of individuals at the Audelia and Skillman intersection

SOURCE: Police Department crime statistics for July 10-Aug. 10