Children of tenants at Lake Highlands Madeline apartments, and children from other Learning Links communities recently returned from a trip to California.

We’ve written several times about the owners of Madeline Apartments in Lake Highlands.

Joe Killinger and George Pino implemented at Madeline their Learning Links Center model, which provides children of tenants with tutoring, learning opportunities and activities.

And when we say “activities”, we’re not just talking trips to basketball games (though that is something they have done for the kids).

Early this month, Killinger returned from a trip to Mammoth Lakes, CA and Los Angeles, CA for some camping and sightseeing with children from the Learning Links Centers in California, Far North Dallas and Lake Highlands. The trip was a team effort between Killinger and Pino’s Learning Links and the Education Advantage Foundation.

“The best story we brought back,” says Killinger, “is that a bear came through the camp one night. We were able to keep the kids in the tents.”

He says he nearly had to carry them from the airport back into the Texas heat. Yep. Can’t blame them for that.

Swimming, hiking and fishing were just a few of the highlights from the trip.

Children from Lake Highlands and Far North Dallas were part of a group that traveled to Mammoth Lakes with the Learning Links and Education Advantage programs.

These kids reportedly got a big scare when a bear came through the camp one night.