The podcast regulars are all in one room for this week’s podcast, and our first topic is the August cover story, “Where is Lake Highlands, Texas?” Carol Toler and Ellen Raff tell us their thoughts on our distinguished panel‘s discussion (you can either read the abbreviated story version, or listen to the full hour-and-a-half discussion). The conversation with Raff and Toler included whether LBJ is a real or imaginary barrier, why the Lake Highlands Freshman Center is superior to other Richardson ISD high school formats (or not), and whether the demand for restaurants and shops in our neighborhood is any different than it was 10 or 20 years ago.

“That other Highland (Park)” also comes up in the conversation, and we broach the question of whether Lake Highlands residents would, ideally, prefer to be live in their own little bubble rather than travel to foreign lands (Lakewood, Preston Hollow) to eat and shop.

Speaking of, Raff’s July column, making a tongue-in-cheek claim that all Lake Highlands really wants is to be “New Lakewood,” received a number of responses, including a couple of handwritten notes (bravo!) that we posted yesterday. What inspired her original idea was a string of comments on the Lakewood blog, in which Lakewood residents made a few snipes at Lake Highlanders because they happen to like their Mi Cocina. We discuss the varied ways readers interpreted Raff’s witticisms, and she injects a dose of sincerity to her stance.

Stay tuned until the end for this week’s shameless plugs.

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