The Victim: Allison Blessing
The Crime: Theft
Date: Friday, June 10
Time: Between June 10 at 5 pm and June 11 at 4 pm
Location: 10100 block of Lanshire

Someone swiped the planters with dead ferns.

Allison Blessing doesn’t claim to have a green thumb, but gives it the old college try anyway and plants some greenery around her home. On her front porch sat two large black pottery planters — perfect for some brightly colored flowers or other type of outdoor plant. They added a bit of interesting décor to her front porch.

“They were just urns on the front porch used to hold plants,” Blessing says. “I was about to plant some new flowers in them that I had just bought.

Why someone would steal them is a puzzle to her. Blessing says she has never been victimized at her home. She had been away from her home a couple days when they turned up missing. The urns were valued at only about $75, but Blessing was annoyed that someone to take something so small and seemingly not worth the effort from her front porch.

“It just seemed really odd, a real random act,” she says. “I actually felt kind of silly reporting it. They weren’t really expensive, and they had dead ferns in them.”

As press time, there was no word of whether the pottery thief had been arrested, but Blessing was still going ahead with her flower planting.

Dallas Police Lt. Mackie D. Ham of the Northeast Patrol Division says it’s always good to have someone to check on your house daily when gone.

“We have items occasionally stolen from the front or back porch, but it is not an everyday thing,” he says. “We all realize that it is hard to secure items that are on your front or back porch. As such, items such as outdoor furniture, grills and such can be easy targets.

“Short of having outdoor video cameras installed, one of the best ideas is simply to have neighbors to look out for each other, especially when out of town. I have seen people actually chain their grill to a post on the porch, but this really does not work too well with furniture and other type items.”


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