lake Highlands family Dustin, Michael James, Lowry and blogger Ellie Manders. Photo courtesy

Preventing disaster and injury, cleaning up huge messes and sometimes wishing you were somewhere else — it’s all part of an average day for moms. Lake Highlands’ Lowry Manders recently activated her “mommymanders” blog, which cleverly illustrates the aforementioned and more, along with some useful advice for coping and succeeding.

The blog is part of Manders’ marketing strategy for her new biz, through which the writer, childhood development expert, music teacher and budding mom-trepreneur will offer classes in parenting and teaching.

Said classes will include “Parent with Purpose,” in which she will “share practical and inspirational ideas with fellow sojourners on this important path”, and “Teach with Intention” courses to “offer professional caregivers and teachers helpful tools and knowledge to do their very best with our children”.

Says Manders, I believe that music combined with a loving, playful presence is the most powerful tool for making authentic, lasting connections in children, and I love to pass my tricks along to other grown-ups.