Fishbone Grill in Medallion Center (Northwest and Abrams) has for a long time been one of those places I will hit for a couple-dozen oysters, spicy shrimp cocktail, or during crawfish season. The rest of my family picks from the deep-fried selections, Po Boys and seafood gumbo. It is a reliable and uber-convenient lunch or dinner option. But I recently discovered something new on the menu — the crab cake burger.

I don’t eat beef, but luckily I love bean burgers and things that pretend to be real meat burgers, and I seek them at every eatery I enter. The Fishbone crab cake burger is even better than the real thing, in my opinion. The cake is chock full of fresh tender crabmeat and spices. Golden and crisp around the edges, it is the perfect consistency and (unlike most veggie-burger type patties) as wide as the bun on which it is served.

Call it a healthy burger option. You can call it that, that is, but it’s not really. Especially after I added tangy tarter sauce, Tabasco and a plate full of Fishbone’s crunchy fried chips.