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If you live in Lake Highlands or East Dallas or if you haunt Deep Ellum at all, odds are good that you have seen and probably talked to Bob (or he’s talked to you anyway).

A couple years ago I wrote a story about Bob, a wandering and seemingly homeless soul, after I learned that some local journalists/videographers were making a movie about him.

A year or so following that I reviewed (raved about) the finished movie when it premiered at the USA Film Festival. After I wrote about it, a lot of people asked me where they could see the movie. We learned of a couple of film festivals where it would be showing, but had no realistic suggestions for presenting it to a wide local audience.

But now, a Dallas church will screen the movie for free.

Wednesday, May 4, at 6:30 p.m., East Dallas Christian Church at 629 North Peak Street will screen the documentary. The church will provide popcorn and lemonade but feel free to bring food (Warning: I would wait until the scene featuring closeups of Bob’s feet has passed to dig into the fried chicken). Bob and the moviemakers will answer questions following the show. For directions or more information, call (214) 537-1757.