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Sorry, Nueva Casita. I’m just not that into you anymore.

Since Nueva Casita replaced Casita Dominguez, it has received some not-so-flattering customer reviews — the general consensus is “high prices for mediocre Tex Mex.”

I used to go there (Casita Dominguez) regularly when I lived within walking distance but since my apartment-dwelling days a decade ago, I haven’t gone back — that is until I heard they served my favorite meal — Saturday morning brunch.

The omelets are good — nice sized, stuffed and spicy and I like their corn tortillas. I enjoy Nueva Casita’s served-daily-‘til 3 p.m. breakfast policy.

But to tell you the truth, I think I want to like this nostalgic tucked-away little spot way more than I actually do. Frankly, I just don’t understand, with so much good Tex-Mex competition nearby, why they don’t just knock their prices down a smidgen (2 eggs, 2 pancake with bacon breakfast for the kids is $7.95, for example). Their lunch specials are $8-$9 range, and entrees are $9-$15.

It’ll do, if you just want to try something new, close to home, that is pretty good and and only slightly overpriced.

As for me (and my ravenous brood) we will next time head a few miles east on Northwest to Mexicali for a better value and the best sour cream enchiladas around — though they don’t serve breakfast, but we can wait.

Nueva Casita, 5807 Blackwell Street, 214.750.5441.

Mexicali, 11277 E. Northwest, 214.341.9405.