Toby Toler with British Lads John II, Louis, Big John and Elliott.

As loyal readers will remember, this time each year my family hosts British referees in town to officiate Dallas Cup. America’s oldest youth soccer tournament, Dallas Cup is as prestigious for the referees chosen to participate as it is for the players and teams who qualify to play. Refs arrive from countries all around the world, but Lake Highlands traditionally hosts the Brits.

Every evening when my husband Toby arrives home from work, he and the lads discuss every goal scored and red card issued that day. When he’s gone, it’s my chance to ask about the country, its people and – of course – the Royal Wedding. They could not be more disinterested.

Granted, they are male, but they hit on an observation that fascinates me.

“I think you Americans are more interested in the wedding than we are,” said James, who’ll act as assistant referee and linesman at tonight’s showcase Supergroup semi-final match between FC Dallas and Tigres at Pizza Hut Park’s stadium at 8 pm. “We aren’t paying much attention.”

“For us, it’s just an excuse for a holiday,” agreed Elliott. “We’ll get the day off from school and work.”

Bah humbug.

One thing they did appreciate was the way the young bride and groom paid homage to Princess Diana, using her ring, her carriage and other keepsakes from her wedding to Prince Charles. But isn’t that bad luck, I wondered, considering that marriage didn’t turn out so well?

“Ahhh, but we Brits value tradition, don’t we?” said Elliott.

Way to make me feel like a commoner.

You can watch my lads ref some fabulous youth soccer now through Easter weekend. Tickets are available at Pizza Hut Park, and the schedule of games is available online here.