In our last Advocate video podcast segment with mayoral candidate Mike Rawlings, we try to get an answer about what, specifically, he thinks should be cut from the budget and where he sees inefficiencies.

Earlier this week, we discussed his public education plan and his private-sector perspective when it comes to city government. It’s all part of our video podcast series on the Dallas mayoral race in which we’re talking with each of the major candidates. Previously, we sat down with District 12 councilman Ron Natinsky and then, former Chief of Police David Kunkle.

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This podcast is kind of long, so here’s the breakdown:

How will Rawlings manage to find inefficiencies that the city manager hasn’t already (3:07)? Former mayor Tom Leppert also came from a business background, so we ask how Rawlings would govern differently than Leppert did (4:57). Rawlings explains the benefits of public-private partnerships, and what does that mean for big projects like the convention center hotel and the Trinity toll road (6:30)? Rick asks his question about the Rangers lease expiring soon — would Rawlings want to bring them to Dallas (7:40)? Next, we get Rawlings’ thoughts on the economic issues surrounding the inland port (9:37) since he has worked with the politicians involved. Moving on to our discussion about growing the southern sector, we ask Rawlings about some of the “untapped resources” there, including what to do with the Southwest Center Mall (11:38). Following up on the Advocate‘s April 2009 cover story about what we could do if we had $100 million in revenue bonds (13:38)? Rawlings brings it all back to education. And finally, what sets him apart from his opponents (14:44)?